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Do You Need a Web Page?
Is Social Media in Your Future?
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Do You Need a Web Page?
  • Yes. These days, having a web page, even for a very small business, lends an air of professionalism. Start small with maybe just a page that has your location, what your specialties are, business hours, and contact info. Make it look clean and professional and then you can always add to it later.

Do You Need to Spend a Fortune on a Web Page?

  • Probably not. But be realistic. Can you run your business AND update your web page? If you have the knowledge and background to do that, then terrific! But if not, you'll want to make sure the person or company you hire is a good fit for you and your business. It will be cheaper if you can do it yourself, but if you don't know how to build web pages, or have the inclination to learn how to do them, then it will just be a headache and nothing will get updated. That only hurts the impression your business makes on the web. 

Want to Do Things Yourself?
Selecting the Best Fit for a Web Hosting Service

  • Do NOT try to host it yourself, or use a friend's server because you want to do them a favor.

  • Develop an outline of what types of web services you think you'll need. Start small at first. You can always add functionality later. But if you start with something too large and have to reduce functionality, it doesn't reflect well on your business. Stay realistic and look at what works for you...not your cousin's business, or your friend's...YOU.

  • Google "Web Host Reviews". Always check 2 or 3 sets of reviews or more. Make sure the reviewers are solid, too. Compare the hosts they recommend. If youíre seeing the same companies consistently in the top rankings, delve a little further into the ones that look best for what you need.

  • Look for hidden fees Ė do they charge extra for URLís; bandwidth limits; page view limits; check the ease of uploading files/maintaining sites; getting stats; historic % of downtimes and what their failover plans are; added features such as secure payment options, or blogs; can you attach email accounts so your business looks professional; how easy is it to reach their support staff after hours or on weekends and holidays;

Find a company you can trust and then stick with them so you are not constantly moving your site. That said, donít be afraid to move your site if you find something that looks like a better fit after a few years. Good web hosts are very competitive and are constantly adding to what they offer customers. If you do go with one company and later find one that offers more for a similar price, talk to your company and see what they can do for you as a solid customer.

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Could a Social Media Presence Work for Your Business?

  • Article on basic uses of Social Media to reach a target audience, and discussion of whether or not to automate your social media.
  • 10 Apps to Schedule Future Tweets
  • TIME, TIME, TIME - make sure your time is well spent and make sure your customers' time is well spent.
  • Keep your business and personal Social Media sites SEPARATE...Always.
    • Keep away from controversial things on your business site.
  • Do your background work first.- Get your Social Media Business Plan in place.
    • How would you use Social Media to enhance your business presence?
    • Who would keep the data fresh?
    • How often would your update it?
    • Just because something is a popular social media app doesn't necessarily mean it would be a good fit for all businesses.
  • Start small. Limit Comments by others if you use Facebook, Twitter or Video sites or Blogs.
  • Always provide useful info.
  • Use Social Media to drive customers back to your website.

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